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Thursday, 7:00–8:15 p.m., 404, JW Marriott

Sense and Sound in Luso-Brazilian Literature and Amerindian Poetics

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A special session. Presiding: Marilia Librandi Rocha, Stanford Univ.

Speakers: Luca Bacchini, Univ. of Bologna; Sergio Bairon Blanco Santanna, Universidade de São Paulo; Vincent Barletta, Stanford Univ.; Jamille Dias, Universidade de São Paulo; Rebecca A. Lippman, Univ. of California, Los Angeles

Panelists explore the relation between literature and its audiences through oral performance, music, and listening. Participants propose a new way of working with the literary text that combines literary and sound-production analysis. Each participant makes a sound presentation of the texts being analyzed.

For abstracts and sound textures, write to after 30 Nov.

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