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Thursday, 7:00–8:15 p.m., 4A, ACC

Looking Backward, Looking Forward: Comparing Doris Lessing’s Historical and Speculative Fiction

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Program arranged by the Doris Lessing Society. Presiding: Dorian Stuber, Hendrix Coll.

1. “Comparative Empires: Diaspora and Hybridity in Children of Violence and Canopus in Argos,” Linda Weinhouse, Community Coll. of Baltimore County, MD

2. “In Pursuit of the Welfare State: Doris Lessing and Intervention,” Lisa Jeanne Fluet, Coll. of the Holy Cross

3. “After Aldermaston: Doris Lessing and the Problem of Revolution in the Nuclear Age,” Mark Pedretti, Case Western Reserve Univ.

4. “Looking Forward: The Speculative Realisms of Doris Lessing and David Mitchell,” Robin E. Visel, Furman Univ.

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