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Friday, 10:15 a.m.–12:00 noon, Lone Star D, JW Marriott

Presidential Plenary: Literature and Its Publics: Past, Present, and Future

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Presiding: Roland Greene, Stanford Univ.

Speakers: Albert Russell Ascoli, Univ. of California, Berkeley; Bruce Wood Holsinger, Univ. of Virginia; Deidre Shauna Lynch, Harvard Univ.; Marjorie Gabrielle Perloff, Stanford Univ.; Ato Quayson, Univ. of Toronto

Panelists consider the public face of literature and other kinds of texts both historically and in the present and future. How does literature engage its publics? How is the work of MLA members—teachers, literary historians, editors, critics, and others—a public act? And how might we conceive the future publics for what we study and do?

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