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Friday, 10:15–11:30 a.m., JW Grand 4, JW Marriott

What We Talk about When We Talk about DH: Interdisciplinary Vocabularies

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Program arranged by the Association for Computers and the Humanities. Presiding: Lisa Marie Rhody, George Mason Univ.

Speakers: Wendy Chun, Brown Univ.; Patricia M. Hswe, Penn State Univ., University Park; Micki Kaufman, MLA; Laura C. Mandell, Texas A&M Univ., College Station; T-Kay Sangwand, Univ. of Texas, Austin; Annette Vee, Univ. of Pittsburgh

This session addresses interdisciplinary tensions over disciplinary terms used in DH—e.g., archive, code, edition, curate, data, writing. How do disciplinary methods and training inform DH terms? Do shared vocabularies help or hinder dialogue? How might we recognize multidisciplinary values? Five-minute provocations by panelists to be followed by moderated discussion.

For abstracts and provocations, visit after 1 Dec.

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