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Saturday, 8:30–9:45 a.m., Lone Star C, JW Marriott

Current Projects of the Working Group on K–16 Alliances

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Program arranged by the MLA Working Group on K–16 Alliances. Presiding: Dennis Looney, MLA

Speakers: Jason Charles Courtmanche, Univ. of Connecticut, Storrs; Stacey Lee Donohue, Central Oregon Community Coll.; Annemarie E. Hamlin, Central Oregon Community Coll.; Michael Holquist, Yale Univ.; Patricia Howell Michaelson, Univ. of Texas, Dallas; Margaret A. Noodin, Univ. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; Donna L. Pasternak, Univ. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Members of the MLA Working Group on K–16 Alliances present highlights of their current projects and invite comments from audience members. Current projects include policy statements on Common Core State Standards concepts and partnerships between college and high school teachers on the teaching of writing and indigenous languages.

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