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Saturday, 10:15–11:30 a.m., 308, JW Marriott

Translating Minority Writing in a Global Context

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A special session. Presiding: Valentina Fulginiti, Cornell Univ.; Elisa Segnini, Univ. of British Columbia

1. “From Beloved to Amatissima: Morphing Black English into Italian,” Giuseppe Natale, Univ. of Nevada, Las Vegas

2. “Translating between Minority and Indigeneity: Chinese Ethnic Minority Literature’s Participation in Global Indigenous Writing,” David Dayton, Univ. of California, Davis

3. “Fresh Season’s Fruit on an Old Tree: Translating Contemporary Maya-Language Poetry from Chiapas,” Sean Sell, San Diego State Univ.

4. “The Unfaithful Translator in Syria Poletti’s Gente conmigo,” Francesca Minonne, Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor

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