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Saturday, 10:15–11:30 a.m., 10A, ACC

(Re)Presenting Twain

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Program arranged by the Mark Twain Circle of America. Presiding: John Bird, Winthrop Univ.

1. “The Future of the Past in Hannibal: (Re)Presenting Race in Mark Twain’s Home Town in the Twenty-First Century,” Shelley Fisher Fishkin, Stanford Univ.

2. “‘Politicum-e-conomico-est’: Mark Twain, Behavioral Economist,” Matt Seybold, Elmira Coll.

3. “‘The War Prayer’ in Contemporary Film and Social Media,” Susan L. Eastman, Univ. of Tennessee, Chattanooga

Respondent: Judith Yaross Lee, Ohio Univ., Athens

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