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Saturday, 12:00 noon–1:15 p.m., 9A, ACC

English, Its Literatures, and Its Publics in an International Context

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A special session. Presiding: Robert Eaglestone, Univ. of London, Royal Holloway

Speakers: Susan Bruce, Keele Univ.; Caroline Edwards, Birkbeck Univ., London; Martin Halliwell, Univ. of Leicester; Simon Kovesi, Oxford Brookes Univ.; Elaine Treharne, Stanford Univ.

In the United Kingdom, debates over the publics for research and teaching in literary studies are contentious. Debates over the purpose and health of English are equally heated. Government policies have increased marketization, competition, and the prevalence of economic utility. Panelists consider how English is coping in the tumult of these shifting contexts and what its possible futures might be.

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