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Saturday, 1:45–3:00 p.m., 308, JW Marriott

Controlling the Body: Feminist Legal, Medical, and Social Discourses and Representations

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Program arranged by Women in German. Presiding: Sonja Klocke, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison

1. “Illness as Text: Aesthetical Denial of Diagnosis,” Ulrike Steierwald, Leuphana Univ. of Lüneburg

2. “Performing Hysteria: Histrionic Medicine and the Spectacle of Pain,” Martina Kolb, Susquehanna Univ.

3. “Transgressing the Borders of the Body: The Healthy Self and the Sick ‘Other’ in Irene Brežná’s Schuppenhaut: Ein Liebesroman and Julya Rabinowich’s Herznovelle,” Katja Herges, Univ. of California, Davis

4. “Reclaiming the Body through Narrative: Women’s Experiences in Auschwitz as Reflected in the Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial (1963–65) and the Filmic Reworking of the Trial in Zeugin aus der Hölle (1965),” Kerstin Steitz, Old Dominion Univ.

Respondent: Erika Berroth, Southwestern Univ.

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