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Saturday, 1:45–3:00 p.m., 406, JW Marriott

Linguistic Ideology, Language Policy, and Prestige

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Program arranged by the forum LSL General Linguistics. Presiding: Terrence Potter, Georgetown Univ.

1. “The Ideologies behind the Bible Translation into Fulfulde (Adamawa),” Jean Pierre Boutche, Univ. of Bayreuth

2. “Language Ideological Tension and Multiplicity in Dual-Language Bilingual Education,” Kathryn Henderson, Univ. of Texas, San Antonio

3. “The Reputation(s) of Taglish,” Joyce Milambiling, Univ. of Northern Iowa

4. “Bilingualism as a Problem: Language Policy and Ideologies during Franco’s Dictatorship,” Laura Villa, Queens Coll., City Univ. of New York

For abstracts, visit after 7 Dec.

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