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Saturday, 1:45–3:00 p.m., 14, ACC

Pedagogical Shakespeare: Text, Performance, and Digitalization

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Program arranged by the forum LLC Shakespeare. Presiding: Bradin Cormack, Princeton Univ.

Speakers: Ann C. Christensen, Univ. of Houston, University Park; Suzanne Gossett, Loyola Univ., Chicago; Jean Elizabeth Howard, Columbia Univ.; Russ McDonald, Goldsmiths, Univ. of London; Lena Cowen Orlin, Georgetown Univ.; Holger Schott Syme, Univ. of Toronto; Elliott Visconsi, Univ. of Notre Dame

Panelists address the presidential theme through two recent projects, the new Bedford Shakespeare and the reimagined Norton Shakespeare, place these in relation to textual reception, the role of performance in the classroom, and the opportunities of digitalization. Our goal is an open conversation about members’ experience with the shifting contexts that shape Shakespeare’s publics.

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