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Saturday, 3:30–4:45 p.m., 205, JW Marriott

Photography and the Construction of Gender in Iberia

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A special session. Presiding: Anna Casas Aguilar, Univ. of Northern British Columbia

Speakers: Silvia Bermúdez, Univ. of California, Santa Barbara; Anna Casas Aguilar; Kathryn Anne Everly, Syracuse Univ.; Patricia M. Keller, Cornell Univ.; Olga Sendra Ferrer, Wesleyan Univ.; H. Rosi Song, Bryn Mawr Coll.; Sharon Keefe Ugalde, Texas State Univ.

Panelists discuss the intersection of photography and gender in the Iberian context. During the past three decades both documentary and fictionalized photography have increasingly focused on gender, its potential for marginalizing segments of the population, its fabrication, and its evolving borders.

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