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Saturday, 3:30–4:45 p.m., 18A, ACC

Reexamining New World Encounters: Where Do We Go from Here?

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Program arranged by the forum CLCS Renaissance and Early Modern and the Forum LLC Early American. Presiding: Matt Cohen, Univ. of Texas, Austin

Speakers: Emily M. Garcia, Northeastern Illinois Univ.; Jeffrey Glover, Loyola Univ., Chicago; Annette Kolodny, Univ. of Arizona; Andrew Newman, Stony Brook Univ., State Univ. of New York; Luis Fernando Restrepo, Univ. of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Respondent: Ralph Bauer, Univ. of Maryland, College Park

Almost twenty-five years after the publication of Stephen Greenblatt’s seminal collection New World Encounters, panelists take stock of recent developments and suggest future directions, new theoretical perspectives, untapped archives, and cross-disciplinary methodologies in the study of intercultural encounters in the early Americas up to 1850.

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