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Sunday, 10:15–11:30 a.m., 9B, ACC

After Transnational American Studies

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A special session. Presiding: Abby Goode, Rice Univ.

Speakers: Barbara J. Eckstein, Univ. of Iowa; Abby Goode; Manuel Herrero-Puertas, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison; Jared Hickman, Johns Hopkins Univ., MD; AnaMaria Seglie, Rice Univ.; Erin Sweeney, Univ. of California, Irvine

Respondent: Susan Gillman, Univ. of California, Santa Cruz

Is there an “after” to the transnational turn in American studies? We assess the potential of various concepts (e.g., planet, climate, and globe) to advance the aims and transcend the limitations of the transnational turn. Participants offer speculative, “post-transnational” case studies and ask, Can we think beyond the transnational? Is the transnational the new normal of American studies?

For abstracts, visit after 1 Dec.

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